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ADC's DAC's Voltage References Amplifier Kits and Components for Nelson Pass F4 and F5 Amplifiers Chip Amplifier Kits of Parts and Printed Circuit Boards (LM3886, LM3875, LM4780) LM4702, LME49830 Printed Circuit Boards Headphone Amplifier Kits
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NOTE:  The Kits of Parts are specified for ONE CHANNEL.  If you need 2 Channels, you must ORDER 2 KITS
We are shipping "GR" grade 2SK170 and 2SJ74 until BL grade product is available from an OEM source!  All JFET devices are tested prior to shipment.


No Boards for the PASS kits -- it's their IP -- but the above will help you put together these very nice amplifiers.    
F3 IRF/Lovoltech Parts Kit  -- For a short time we can offer the following:
F3 Bill of Materials
Reference Quantity Description
C1 1 15,000 uF
C10 1 220uF/35V or 50V ELNA Silk
C2,C3,C4,C5,C6,C7 6 220uF/63V
C8 1 1uF Polypropylene or Polycarbonate
C9 1 33pF S.M.
D1 1 1N4001
Q1 1 LU1014 Lovoltech
Q2,Q3,Q5 1 IRFP240 Matched Triplet
Q4 1 ZTX450 NPN Transistor
P1,P2 2 5K Bourns Trimpot
R1 1 9.09k 1/4 W
R2,R19 2 47.5K 1/4W
R3,R4,R8 3 2R 3W
R5 1 2.7R 3W
R6,R7 2 1R 3W
R9 1 0.47R, 3W
R10 1 100R 3W
R11,R21 2 100R  1W
R12,R22 2 10k 1/4W
R13 2 4.75K 1/4W
R14,R16,R17,R18 4 1.5K 1/4W
R15,R20 2 221R 1/4W