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Inductor/Transformer Calculator (Excel) To use the spreadsheet you will need to know the input voltage, output voltage, nominal current, maximum duty cycle, diode drop, on-resistance, cap ESR, gm etc. SMPS Spreadsheet Link
SMPS Basics National Semi Ap Note for LM1577 Switcher Basics
SMPS Basics National Semi "Reading List" -- GREAT !!! Nat Semi
SMPS Basics National Semi "Push-Pull" Interactive Tool PushPull
Quiet Switchers Linear Technologies Link - LT1533, LT3439 AN70
Heatsink Design AavidThermalloy Thermal Transfer Tool Aavid
Heatsink Articel From a defunct magazine (scanned) HeatsinkEW
SwitcherCAD Linear Technologies Link -- executable file SWCAD
Linear Compensating LDO Regulators Comp
Loop Stability Measuring Loop Stability without a Transformer (Micrel) LoopStability
Rewinding Transformers Article from defunct magazine Rewinding
Transformers and Coils Magnetics "Filling the Gap" by Sanjay Maniktala NS Seminars
Transformers and Coils Link to Bytemark site Bytemark
Transformers and Coils Link to Amidon site Amidon
Transformers and Coils Link to Coilcraft site Coilcraft
Transformers and Coils Magnetics Inc. Powder Core PDF Mag_Cores
Transformers and Coils Link to Magnetics site Magnetics
Transformers and Coils Link to Surplus Sales magnetics site SS_Ecores
Transformers and Coils Link to Micrometals site MicroMetals
Transformers and Coils Link to Arnold (SPS Technologies) Arnold
Transformers and Coils Arnold Tech Coil Winding Tutorial Arnold
PCB Layout Layout design for "Simple Switchers" Layout
Interference "EMI/RFI Board Design" NatSemi
  Link to RF Cafe RFCAFE
  Micrometals MicroMetals
Iron Powder Color Code Data NeoSid NeoSid
Transformers and Coils Fair-Rite Fair-Rite
Interactive Design Tool On Semi + Ridley Engineering On Semi
Link of Links  SMPS Tech Knowledge Base  LINKS
 Brad Suppanz'  State space averaging, other goodies  Suppanz